For a New Iraq

Client: GDS Iraq

Agency: Breakthrough Media LTD.

Information: Creating Motion videos for "For a New Iraq" Page on social media.

Date: 12/2016 to 05/2018

How to reduce thirst during fasting. 

Our goal was to simply outline six tips to reduce thirst during the summer Ramadhan. 

Fasting Benefits

Outlining the benefits of fasting which is an annual habit for Muslims. 


The real situation of depression is not clear for many Iraqi people, some people think depression is a mood, not a mental health condition. 

The video started with mentioning the symptoms using dark values to connect the audience with the situation. The other part of the video is some pieces of advice and suggestions to help the patient. 

Agriculture in Diwaniyah (City in Iraq)

An Infographic video to outline the facts about agriculture in Diwaniyah and the growth over the last year (2017) 

Rationalization of electricity consumption 

Five ways to help save energy. 

The 3d style is to serve the connection with the elements inside the building. 

Rationalization of water consumption 

Five ways to help save water. 

The official website of the GDS

An introduction video published with the lunching of the GDS website.


This video was a big challenge for me, the schedule timing was limited, there was not enough time to work more on the characters. But the message was clear and reached more than 1.3 million viewers. 

Women's Day (2018)

Highlighting some Iraqi successful, passionate, brave and inspiring women from different cities and different careers in Iraq.

Fish economy 

An Infographic video to discuss the fishing situation in Iraq. and outline the Agriculture ministry solutions and how it's going to be in the future(Unfortunately, it went worst!).

Removing military remnants in Anbar 

This video is explaining cleaning the conflicted city from the military remnants after ISIS period.

Saladin IDPs

Simply highlighting the progress and achievements of reconstruction of the conflicted city after being liberated from ISIS by the Iraqi Forces.

That was my first video with the GDS team.

Women's Day (2017) 

Outlining 5 Iraqi leaders who had a significant impact in the middle east.

Iraqi Women in modern history 

Introducing some Iraqi initiatives that had an impact on the women's situation in MENA.

Nelson Mandela

A short clip to celebrate the day of Nelson Mandela and have him as an inspiration for Iraqi people.