Sarah Chokali 

Born and raised in Baghdad in August 1994.

Driven by challenges, I started my career as a self-taught designer while I was a second stage computer science student at Al-Mustansiriya University. 

In 2014, I, along with three youths who share the same mission and unwavering ambition of providing high-quality digital services in Iraq, co-founded d3 Studio, a digital services agency. During our work in the agency ever since its launch, we have provided numerous novel products for the market and collaborated with large organizations in Iraq. As a result of this, I have accrued a lot of experience and my overall skills have considerably grown and expanded to involve fields like design, animation and digital art, and I continue to learn more, boost my abilities, and enhance my aesthetic sense with every new endeavour we undertake in our agency. 

One issue I have noticed is the lack of diversity in the tech market, which led me to feel the responsibility of taking the initiative of involving more women into the field as they are conspicuously underrepresented in tech, so I volunteered in an initiative by Google (Women Techmakers and Google Developers Group) to empower more women and engage them in the field through designing activities that suit the local society. 

Given my endorsement of maintaining high-quality digital products along with my aim of creating purposeful and engaging projects, establishing an Iraqi animation industry, and giving inspiration and support to other artists and designers, I have founded the initiative Haraka to connect digital artists together and improve their skills through creating engaging activities and connecting them with global professionals in the field who have accumulated a lot of experience to share with our local artists and designers for them to learn from and emulate.


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